Fixes delayed until 2025 for crumbling stretch of Nassau Expressway, a storm evacuation route

Nassau Expressway is supposed to be a major evacuation route for the South Shore. (4/28/14)

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LAWRENCE - A neglected stretch of the Nassau Expressway that's a designated storm evacuation route for South Shore communities won't get much-needed attention until at least 2025.

The road is pock-marked with large potholes, treacherous bumps and exposed gravel. It was used as an evacuation route for families during Superstorm Sandy, and since the storm, drivers say its condition has worsened.

Beyond its rough surface, lawmakers say that to make the roadway viable as an evacuation route, the entire Nassau Expressway should be raised off the ground.

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Legislator Howard Kopel says the county has been asking the state for funds to address the roadway since the 1960s. Now, he says, construction on the expressway has been delayed for the next 11 years due to budget reasons. Kopel says the state needs to build a bypass so evacuees have a fast route out in the case of an emergency.

News 12 reached out to state Assemblyman Harvey Weisenberg and state Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos for comment, but has not yet heard back.

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