LINDENHURST - Some of the homes burned in Wednesday's massive Lindenhurst fire were damaged during Superstorm Sandy and had only recently been repaired, residents say. 

Families were almost set to move back in, according to one of the homeowners.

The fire started in a house on East Santa Barbara Road and quickly spread to four others. Officials say embers from the fire also blew across a nearby canal and ignited a brush fire on Indian Island. 

The heat from the fire was so intense that it melted the siding off of a house across the street. Hundreds of firefighters from more than a dozen departments responded. Officials have tentatively blamed an electrical issue for sparking the blaze.

Firefighters returned to the scene Thursday to extinguish recurring hot spots.

Sarah Aldridge, whose family was displaced after Sandy, was set to move back into her home in two weeks. Some of the repairs were completed so recently that a siding company's sign is still hanging up outside the home.

"Now it will be a year and two weeks," she says.

With the Passover holiday about to begin, one neighbor summed up the neighborhood’s woes with a biblical reference.

"We had water," neighbor Keith Bush joked. "Then fire. I guess locusts are next."