CENTRAL ISLIP - The first lawsuit has been filed against the Village of Islandia and the Town of Islip in connection with an illegal dumping scandal.

The suit is being filed by neighbors who are worried about their health after toxins had been found in the surrounding area. Residents are also worried about the value of their properties.

As News 12 previously reported, dangerous compounds have been found at locations including Roberto Clemente Park in Brentwood and a veterans housing community in Islandia.

Attorney Kenneth Mollins accuses local officials of “willful blindness.” He says the point of the lawsuits is to cover damages for any problems that may not be evident now, but that could come up in the future.

Mollins says the lawsuit seeks medical monitoring, meaning money would be set aside for at least a decade. It would be used to test and treat any medical conditions proven to be connected to the illegal dumping.

Officials from the Village of Islandia and the Town of Islip say they cannot comment on the possible lawsuit because they still haven't seen any paperwork on it.

The Suffolk District Attorney’s Office is currently investigating the dumping sites. No charges have been filed.