DIX HILLS - Firefighters rescued a man from a burning home in Dix Hills Saturday night.

Authorities say the house on Kenmore Street became engulfed in flames at around 11:30 p.m. Neighbors say they heard a loud boom and screams from the home.

Fire officials say the man was trapped near a first-floor bedroom and was rescued by responders who heard his yells for help. The man, who has not been identified, went into cardiac arrest and was revived by Dix Hills Rescue Squad personnel, officials say.

The man was taken to Good Samaritan Hospital.

One neighbor says two other family members who were inside the burning home rushed to her house without their shoes, wearing only pajamas.

Two firefighters suffered minor injuries at the scene, and officials say a cat and dog were killed in the fire.

Seven fire departments responded to the fire, and it was brought under control in about 40 minutes.

Investigators are looking into what sparked the flames.