BELLMORE - A Bellmore firefighter is being hailed as a hero after he pulled an elderly woman to safety early this morning while flames ripped furiously through her home. Neighbor Eric Golden says his mother's screams woke him up this morning and he went to the window to see flames shooting out of the home across the street. He says a man blackened by smoke and soot was outside, desperately trying to get back into the burning home to save his mother, who is 93 years old. Golden says he tried to help the man move a tool chest underneath a window, but the flames were spreading too quickly. That's when an emergency responder pulled up to the house, raced out of his car, jumped onto the tool chest and smashed the window with his bare hands. The responder, identified as Bellmore firefighter John Curley, then jumped into the house, threw the woman over his shoulder and climbed back out with her. Golden says it was "the most heroic thing" he's ever seen. Curley was injured during the rescue, but he has already been released from the hospital.The elderly woman remains in the hospital, and there's no word yet on her current condition. The cause of the fire remains under investigation.