STONY BROOK - A Manorville firefighter who was trapped in a truck that became engulfed in flames during this week's huge wildfires says he didn't know if he'd make it out alive. William Hille, 35, says he and two other firefighters were driving a heavy duty brush truck to battle the blaze when the winds shifted and their truck caught fire. Hille says he had to jump through a wall of flames to get out. After the men escaped, they ran for their lives. They were reported missing to the Manorville fire department, which began a manhunt for the missing men.The firefighters ran for half a mile before they were found two and a half hours later, when searchers tracked them down through their cell phone signals.Hille was released from the hospital last night and says he's grateful he's still around for his wife and 5-year-old daughter.Officials: Suffolk wildfires out, investigation begins