LONG BEACH - Engineers are looking into what caused a concrete apartment balcony in Long Beach to collapse, injuring five.

Long Beach fire officials say a second-floor balcony on Shore Road detached from the side of the building and fell to the ground Monday at around 8:30 p.m. They say five people were on the balcony at the time. Witnesses say one of the victims was unconscious.

Fire officials say the collapse was the result of a structural failure. Long Beach Building Commissioner Scott Kemins says poor maintenance may have been an issue.

News 12 has learned that the company that owns the building had been cited with multiple violations, including unstable balconies, cracks and deformities in the building's brick. Tenants say the building is in a constant state of disrepair.

Building owner Mullas Haziz says there shouldn't have been more than three people on the balcony.

City officials point out that the building is 63 years old, but say it should have been able to withstand the weight.  

The remaining balconies have been closed off until a structural engineer makes repairs.

The owners of the building released a statement saying they are sorry for the people who were injured. They also say the building was damaged by Sandy, and they haven't had the money to properly maintain it.