HEMPSTEAD - A fight broke out outside the courthouse in Hempstead Thursday afternoon after the arraignment of a 17-year-old man accused in a Hempstead murder.

Manual Howe, of Hempstead, was charged with the murder of 23-year-old LaDaniel McCloud, and held without bail.

McCloud was found fatally shot on July 2 on the sidewalk of Laurel Street.

Inside the courtroom, the victim's family called Howe a murderer, prompting Howe to curse back at them.

McCloud's family told News 12 that the defendant's family was waiting for them in the street outside the Hempstead courthouse. Court officers and police were able to contain the melee.

Two people were arrested for rioting and disorderly conduct. Police say a court officer was bitten on the hand during the incident.

Delroy Carter, 25, was also arrested in connection with the murder, accused of hindering the police investigation.

A News 12 source says McCloud's murder stemmed form a drug dispute.