MONTAUK - FEMA is set to survey the damage next week in Montauk following this week's blizzard.

East End officials are asking for assistance after the storm battered the beaches along the South Shore, leaving many houses on the verge of falling into the water.

Some residents say they have never seen erosion this bad so early in the winter.

"You expect a certain amount of damage living on the water, but this was really frightening," says Tony Compitiello, a Montauk Soundview property manager.

The north side of Montauk also took a beating. One of the troubled spots is on Captain Kids Path, where the waves nearly destroyed the foundation of a house.

East Hampton Town Supervisor Bill Wilkinson says the blizzard caused tens of millions of dollars in damage on the East End, and is calling on FEMA to step in.

"I do think it needs some special attention from FEMA," he says. "I need the storm to be categorized - it would qualify us for that attention."

Wilkinson says they need to replenish the sand quickly because there's still a long winter ahead.

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