WOODBURY - Solar energy is on the rise in New York, and Long Island is leading the way.

Officials say New York ranks fourth in the nation when it comes to using solar energy. Leaders credit this to the many incentives, such as tax rebates, that are available for property owners to install solar panels.

Lawmakers are worried that enthusiasm may dim for property owners as incentives are threatened to be cut off. Officials say that may reverse trends on Long Island.

Several key government-funded solar rebate programs are expected to run out of money over the next couple of years. Rep. Steve Israel says he plans to fight to keep that from happening.

“To now say that we're not going to provide that help…is like putting a cloud over the sun,” said Rep. Israel.

PSEG Long Island says it is expecting a record-setting year. It predicts more than 8,000 customers will install solar systems in 2015.