FARMINGDALE - The Federal Drug Administration has issued a warning about a vitamin supplement made on Long Island that could be tainted with steroids.

According to the FDA, 29 people have gotten sick from the vitamin B-50 supplement from Purity First Health Products due to traces of anabolic steroids found in it.

The FDA claims the owner of Purity First Health Products, Candice Tripp, did not comply with a voluntary recall. News 12 Long Island spoke with Tripp who says the pills were not sold the day she found out they were not safe.

Tripp says the FDA is saying she did not comply because she did not send a recall letter on time because she was on vacation until July 27, a day after it was due. According to Tripp, the FDA then sent out a press release saying she did not comply.

The pills are no longer available for purchase, and the owner claims the manufacturer, Mira Health Products in Farmingdale, may not have cleaned out its machines well enough.