MERRICK - FBI agents raided two homes in Long Island and one in Brooklyn this morning as part of an investigation into an international hacking group known as "Anonymous."

Officials say they were looking for certain computer systems identified as allegedly being used in coordinated "distributed denial of service" attacks.

One of the computers believed to be involved belongs to 16-year-old Jordan Jerome, a high school senior living on Seaman Avenue in Baldwin. His father, however, insists Jordan was just looking for games online and did nothing wrong.

The FBI also removed a computer from a house on Carley Court in Merrick where neighbors say an elderly woman lives with her 100-year-old mother.

According to FBI officials, it remains unclear if the people living in the homes that were raided were part of the hacking group.

Lance Ulanoff, the editor-in-chief of PC Magazine, told News 12 Long Island via Skype that the group "Anonymous" should be considered a serious threat.

"Anonymous" has claimed responsibility for hacking Arizona's police department website and posting personal information about its officers.