LONG BEACH - The FBI is now helping investigate a hoax emergency call in Long Beach that may be connected to a video game. 

Long Beach police say someone used Skype to phone in a fake emergency call yesterday about an armed shooting at a Long Beach house. Officials claim the caller reported a double murder inside the home with a gunman still inside. Long Beach Police Commissioner Michael Tangney believes the caller was upset after losing a game of "Call of Duty."

Heavily armed officers and hostage negotiators surrounded the Laurelton Boulevard home before they discovered the call was a hoax.

Police seized a gaming console and other electronic equipment from the house, hoping it will help them find the caller.

The “swatting” trend usually involves reporting a fake emergency and generating the largest response. It's often done in California at celebrity homes.

As News 12 has reported, three other suspected “swatting” incidents have occurred in Suffolk County since January. Suffolk police say that in all three of their incidents, the victims were also playing an "online game" at the time.  

Long Beach Police Commissioner Michael Tangney says they don't know how the caller knew where the teen lived. He believes there is an online forum where people get points for getting swat teams to respond.