BRENTWOOD - The FBI is investigating whether a 14-year-old boy is the person who has been shining lasers into the eyes of pilots in the skies over Long Island. The teen was taken into custody by Suffolk County police for allegedly pointing a laser into the cockpit of a police helicopter. The chopper was searching the Brentwood area at around 10 p.m. Tuesday for a robbery suspect when a powerful green flash flooded the cockpit from below. The FBI says the teen may have been behind other recent laser incidents in the area. Just last week, a JetBlue pilot reported two green laser flashes from the Deer Park area while he piloted an 80-passenger jet bound for John F. Kennedy International Airport. The plane landed safely and no passengers were hurt. Shining a laser at an aircraft is a federal felony and is punishable by up to five years in prison. The teen has not been charged with anything at this time, but officials say the incident is still being investigated.