WOODBURY - The Justice Department says five men have been arrested in a plot to bomb a bridge outside of Cleveland, Ohio. An official says the men are self-described anarchists and they are not tied to international terrorism.

The FBI says the men wanted to buy C-4 to blow up a bridge over the Cuyahoga River. According to officials, the men never got their hands on actual explosives before they were arrested in an undercover sting.

The FBI says the public was never in danger. In addition, officials say there is a new warning about the possibility that terrorists could be planning attacks on United States flights with new "body bombs".

The 'body bombs' would be surgically implanted bombs that would be difficult to detect by airport screeners. Multiple media outlets are reporting they have gotten a warning from the FBI and Department of Homeland Security, that al-Qaida affiliates are working on the body bombs.

All this comes as the one year anniversary of Osama bin Laden's death is observed today.