HAMPTON BAYS - A Hampton Bays resident is hoping for justice on the 15th anniversary of his brothers’ execution at the hand of Serbian murderers.

Fatose Bytyqi's three brothers Ylli, Agron, and Mehme were executed in Serbia in July 1999 at the end of the Bosnian conflict. The brothers, who lived in Hampton Bays and were American citizens, traveled to Kosovo with other Albanian-Americans to fight Serbian forces.

After the war ended, the three brothers were arrested when they mistakenly crossed over an unmarked border in Serbia while escorting friends to safety. The brothers were then murdered. Their bodies were found in a mass grave.

"They killed them for nothing," says Bytyqi.

On the 15th anniversary of their murders, Rep. Tim Bishop issued a resolution calling for action from the Serbian government.

“Our government must make it clear to the Serbian government…finding and prosecuting the murderers of these three men must be part of their efforts to make amends,” said Rep. Bishop.

The congressman hopes once the resolution is adopted, public pressure on the Serbian government will lead to an arrest.