EAST MEADOW - Workers and lawmakers rallied in East Meadow today to call for higher wages for fast-food workers in New York.

Workers want to make at least $15 an hour.

Destiny Glenn, of Lakeview, is a college student who has worked at the fast-food restaurant Popeye's for a year and a half.

"I currently make $8.75 an hour. I have student loans, I have commuter fees, so it is really hard to try and make ends meet," said Glenn.

Currently in New York, the minimum wage is $8.75. It's scheduled to go up to $9 on Dec. 31.

State Senate Republicans, who are cautious about the increase, say that a $15 minimum wage would have a negative impact on struggling businesses.

Protesters say Long Island's 24,000 fast-food workers are earning wages below the poverty line, and that keeps them from contributing to the local economy.

A wage board hearing is scheduled for June 18 at Nassau Community College.