LYNBROOK - An NYPD officer from Lynbrook who was shot on the job yesterday has been sent home and reunited with his family.

Detective Kevin Herlihy, 47, left New York Presbyterian Hospital today as dozens of officers cheered him on. The 18-year veteran says he's just happy to come home to his wife, Adrienne, two sons and 13-month-old daughter.

Herlihy is part of a squad in Queens that hunts wanted felons. Police say Herlihy was shot while chasing down a suspect named Michael McBride, who was accused of shooting his girlfriend's daughter in the head in Queens.

According to investigators, when McBride realized Herlihy was following him inside a Harlem subway station, he opened fire on him, hitting the detective in the left arm. Herlihy returned fire, fatally shooting McBride in the chest.

"If anyone would survive a gunshot, it would be him," says family friend Tara Murphy. "He's a big, strong guy, but he's all heart."

The shooting comes just two weeks after officer Kevin Brennan, of Garden City Park, was shot in the head in Brooklyn. It also marks two months after officer Peter Figoski, of West Babylon, was killed by a suspect in Brooklyn.NYPD officer from Lynbrook shot in HarlemHero's homecoming for shot NYPD officer from LIShot NYPD officer from LI expected to make full recovery