MASTIC - A young Mastic man died suddenly while being held inside the Suffolk County Jail and now his family is suing.

The parents of Arthur Thomas claim their son was not properly cared for. Thomas had a tracheotomy and his family says the jail did not provide the care he needed and they believe it is what led to his death. Jannie and Robert Butler, of Mastic, say the Suffolk County Jail in Riverhead called them yesterday morning to tell them their 22-year-old son died. Thomas' parents say he had been in jail since April facing robbery charges.

Thomas was in the medical unit because of a tracheotomy he had following a dirt bike accident last year.

The family says he would complain the jail wasn't giving him the care he needed. Jannie claims the jail even reached out to Arthur's doctor.A spokesperson from the jail told News 12 Long Island that members of their nursing staff make rounds three times a day in the medical unit but wouldn't comment specifically on Thomas' death. The case is under investigation.

Family to sue Suffolk County over death of son in jail