RIVERHEAD - A 4-year-old boy was left unattended on a school bus last week in the Riverhead Central School District, according to the boy's family.

Cheryl Nash says her grandson Elijah gets picked up and dropped off for preschool at her Riverhead home while his mother is at work. When the bus did not show up last Thursday, Nash says she called her daughter, who called the school and transportation department. She was then told that her grandson would be home shortly.

After 35 minutes, Elijah was dropped off. According to Nash, the driver said she was running late because of new student addresses. After questioning her grandson, Nash believes he was left on the bus.

Bus drivers are required to check buses at the end of a route to make sure no one is left behind.

In a statement, the district confirmed that a student was left on a bus last week, but would not say if any disciplinary action was taken against the driver.