WHEATLEY HEIGHTS - A family who was leasing a home is now scrambling to find other accommodations after they were told by the town of Babylon that the home could not be rented.

According to Babylon town code, the home that the Jackson family was renting cannot be used as a rental.

"We took the time and paid out all the fees required to move here," Leon Jackson says. "Two weeks after we moved, we were told we have to move again." The news is a big blow for the family of five as it comes just weeks before the start of school.

John Farrell, who heads Babylon's Code Enforcement Division, says rental homes must have a town permit. He says all parties involved, including the homeowner, the renter and the realtor, must make sure it is in place. "I find it very hard to believe they didn't know there wasn't a rental permit even able to be issued on this location," Farrell said.

Lynda Baker Realty, which helped the family rent the home, has pleaded guilty to renting it without a proper permit and has paid a $500 fine. The firm has not responded to News 12's requests for comment.

Leon Jackson says the realtor eventually returned the $3,200 fee that the family had paid. However, they are now packing up their belongings and looking for a place to live.

The town of Babylon says renters should check with the municipality where they are renting to make sure everything is legal before signing a rental contract.