DIX HILLS - A woman from Dix Hills made a tearful plea today for help finding her husband who mysteriously disappeared on Friday.

Robert Mayer, 46, drove to Brooklyn for his job as an electrician on Friday morning, but never returned home. His wife, Ida Mayer, says he should have been home by 3 p.m., but the afternoon passed without a sign of him.

The next day, Mayer's red 2004 Pontiac was found at the Deer Park train station, which was disturbing news to his wife. "Other than his family, his other love is his car," she says. "He would never, ever leave that car at the train station."

The father of two had left his wallet behind in the family’s garage that morning, and Ida Mayer says she believes it was because he was in a rush to get to work on time. She describes her husband as the ultimate family man who never went missing before, has no known enemies, and loves to spend time at home with their two children.

"My daughter is in denial," she says. "She is 11, but my son is devastated. He just wants his daddy to come home."

Police are investigating the disappearance, but they say they don't believe a crime has been committed. Anyone with information is being urged to call police at 631-854-8252.