NORTHPORT - The family of a Northport teen who died during a lacrosse game in 2000 is pushing for some life-saving measures in schools.

Louis Acompora was 14 when he died after going into cardiac arrest during a lacrosse game. He was struck in the heart by a ball while playing goalie. Even though he was wearing a chest protector at the time, he collapsed on the field with a lethal abnormal heart rhythm. According to the Louis J. Acompora Memorial Foundation, defibrillation did not occur until 12 minutes after he collapsed.

Since then, Acompora’s family has helped pass a law that requires automated external defibrillators in schools and on every athletic field.

They are now pushing for legislation that would require students to learn hands-only CPR and how to use AEDs.

To further raise awareness, the family sponsored a heart screening event Saturday at West Islip High School. Hundreds of children had their blood pressure checked and were given EKGs.