GLEN COVE - The Long Island family of a soldier who went missing in action while serving in Vietnam recently received some closure. Ann Famigliette says her uncle and surrogate father, William Colwell, went MIA after he was shot down on a flying mission over Laos in 1965. She was just a small girl when airmen in their dress blues walked up her Glen Cove front lawn on Christmas Eve to bring the bad news. For 46 years, Famigliette and her family never really knew what happened to Colwell. Then, in March of this year, the family received a shocking phone call from the Air Force. Military investigators had found the crash site, Colwell's remains and some of his personal effects. He had been positively identified. Famigliette says her uncle will be remembered on Saturday at St. Patrick's church in Glen Cove, the same church where he was baptized and attended school. She says she hopes his name will be added to the Wall of Honor at the Nassau County Veteran's Memorial.