MEDFORD - Family and friends of a Holbrook girl who was killed three years ago today in a car accident returned to the spot where the 14-year-old lost her life to try and prevent reckless driving.

Angelica Nappi, of Holbrook, died when an unlicensed driver slammed into the car she was riding in.

The driver, 37-year-old Stephen Catalino, of West Babylon, was convicted of criminally negligent homicide for causing the crash. Police say he was driving with a suspended license and may have been intoxicated.

Catalino was sentenced to six months in prison, which the victim's family says is not nearly enough.

Dawn Nappi, Angelica's mother, is now trying to gain support for a bill that would crack down on drivers who cause crashes while their licenses are suspended or revoked, in some cases making it a felony and almost doubling the amount of time the offender could spend behind bars.