MASSAPEQUA PARK - A Massapequa Park family is looking for ways to keep their new friend and beloved snowman from melting.

Mike Fregoe says he has been making friends, neighbors and passersby happy every day with the snowman he built with his family, which is still standing despite the increase in temperatures.

To keep the frozen friend "alive," Fregoe set up a Facebook page called "Save the Snowman" asking people for snow donations, or as he calls it, "snownations."

Fregoe says that people were in disbelief of his efforts at first, but that disbelief quickly snowballed into Island-wide assistance. He says that a couple from the Hamptons stopped by his house with a cooler full of the white sustenance for the snowman. A Medford couple also dropped off four plastic containers of snow.

Fregoe's 10-year-old daughter Julia says that she plans on putting a snowball in the freezer so the snowman can be rebuilt next year.