MELVILLE - The family of a woman who was hit and killed by a driver allegedly under the influence is outraged tonight after learning that the suspect would get a minimum sentence as part of a plea deal.Police say Nicole Shellard, 32, was high on pills when she slammed into 45-year-old Kathy Underdown in Miller Place as she was riding her bike in May 2010. Shellard was charged with second-degree vehicular manslaughter, which carries the sentence of five to 15 years behind bars. However, Judge Martin Efman ruled that Shellard be allowed to serve one-and-a-half to four years in prison in exchange for a guilty plea."She's going to be on the road driving again in two years, three years from now, and what if it happens again and she kills somebody else?" says Underdown's brother, Kevin. The district attorney's office says it recommended the maximum sentence for Shellard, but the judge has the discretion to lighten it. A court conference is scheduled for next week, and the district attorney's office says Efman could change his mind about the light sentence at any time.