WESTBURY - Many people are calling for the police officers who allegedly beat a Westbury man to be punished.

Store security video taken two weeks ago allegedly shows two Nassau police officers punching and kicking 20-year-old Kyle Howell in his car during a traffic stop. Howell's family joined lawmakers and community leaders at a news conference today on the corner where the alleged beating occurred, and called for those officers to be arrested and charged immediately.

As News 12 Long Island has reported based on court documents, police said the violent struggle happened as Howell was allegedly trying to dispose of a bag of marijuana by eating it. Howell can be seen moving toward the passenger seat in the video, but he has said, "My paycheck started to fly out the door and I went to reach for it. Next thing I knew I got a knee to the face."

Nassau Legislator Siela Bynoe says this case and other alleged cases of police brutality will affect her vote for the next Nassau police commissioner. Bynoe has also requested that the police department keep her and the family informed about their Internal Affairs investigation.

The Nassau District Attorney says her office has seen the video and is investigating both the actions of the officers and the charges that police filed against Howell.