BAY SHORE - Family members of a slain Bay Shore mother are criticizing Suffolk County police for what they say was indifference and an inability to follow proper procedures.

Santia Williams was killed three years ago when, according to police, her ex-boyfriend burst into an apartment with a shotgun and murdered her.  Investigators say after he killed the 26-year-old mother of two, Jason Jenkins then shot himself.

Williams’ relatives say the brutal murder could have, and should have, been prevented by law enforcement.  Police records show nine emergency 911 calls from Williams or her family in the 2 1/2 weeks before she died.

Family members say that the Suffolk County Police Department ignored Jenkins’ abusive and threatening behavior.

“There was actually one situation where he restrained her with a blanket, and began to hit her with a frying pan,” says Williams’ sister, Shannah Jordan.

Family members say despite the violence and an eventual restraining order, police refused to arrest Jenkins.

Court documents obtained by Newsday and News 12 show that at least eight officers broke department rules in relation to the case, according to internal affairs. The documents state that officers “did not prepare the required reports" and "failed to adequately investigate."

In addition, the documents also state that some officers voided records involving the 911 calls.

Police did not comment on the specifics of the Williams case for this story due to a lawsuit by the family.  However, Deputy Chief Kevin Fallon of the Suffolk County Police Department says police are extremely proactive with domestic violence arrests.

“You commit domestic violence, you'll be arrested,” says Fallon. “It's not acceptable conduct.”