HEMPSTEAD - A nonprofit organization that has helped abused and neglected children in Nassau for years is losing its contract with the county.

The Family and Children's Association learned last week that it lost its $2.2 million contract. It comes after the CSEA, Nassau County's largest union, won an arbitration case claiming the contract took jobs away from union members.

"Part of the argument on behalf of the union is that they want to boost their membership and that they are entitled to these positions per se," said Jeff Reynolds, of the Family and Children's Association. "It's not focused on the job that needs to be done. It's focused on building the membership."

Reynolds said it will cost taxpayers more to provide the same services.

"Our staff works 24/7 for next to nothing. It's going to cost the taxpayers less to keep the program with us," he said.

Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos disagrees. "We are already providing these services and it will cost taxpayers less," Maragos told News 12.

Nassau County and the CSEA had no comment.

The FCA said 25 potential jobs will be lost.