WEST BABYLON - A Babylon family already affected by Sandy was forced to move out of their temporary apartment due to a persistent mold problem.

The Norinders’ home was destroyed during Sandy, forcing them to temporarily move into a hotel before getting an apartment at the Harbour Club.

After a few months in the apartment, Lauren Norinder says her entire family began to feel sick. After doing some searching, they found mold all over their walls. Norinder says management came and sprayed bleach around the mold, but it later returned.

According to Norinder, the complex blamed the problem on the family for improper housekeeping.

The Town of Babylon suggested that Norinder hire an attorney after she filed a complaint. Norinder hired a mold expert to inspect the apartment. Preliminary testing showed signs of speckled mold in the walls as well.

In a statement to News 12, town officials say they want to see the results from the mold tests that were done by the Norinders, and another test just completed by management. The town says the results will be reviewed to determine if the mold has compromised the integrity of the structure.

The Norinders, who have since moved out of the building, are fighting to get their $4,200 security deposit back. The property's owner refused to comment when contacted by News 12