MINEOLA - There were gasps in a courtroom today when a judge said that based on time already served, a Nassau teen would be jailed for two more months and then be on probation for five years after causing the deaths of five teens during a 2014 street race.

Cory Gloe, 19, admitted in March that he caused the crash that killed his friends and agreed to six months behind bars.  Days later, Gloe was rearrested on a felony weapons charge. That charge was tossed last week due to lack of evidence.

Families of the five dead teenagers said justice was not served.  They had wanted Gloe to serve the maximum sentence of 22 years in the case.

“My niece’s life equated to 23 days of his time…unacceptable,” said Mark McGlone, uncle of one of the victims.  “And why this court ever accepted a plea deal and didn’t push for a trial is beyond me.”

Gloe recently posted an Instagram photo of himself taunting police in front of the courthouse, bragging that he would “be in and out faster than you can spin a doubt." Judge Murphy chastised Gloe for his social media posts, but said this sentence would offer “deterrence to young adults” and that “prison for this defendant was not the answer.”

After hearing victim statements, Gloe stood and said, “I feel remorse every day and I take full responsibility for my actions." He also apologized for the social media posts.

Supreme Court Judge Terrence Murphy said in court today that if Gloe violates his probation in any way, he will serve 1 1/3 to four years behind bars.

Under the youthful offender status statute, Gloe's conviction and criminal record are sealed.