LEVITTOWN - A Levittown boy who is among the more than 1,600 American children who have lost a parent in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is learning about the father he never met. Three-year-old Daniel Jonathan Fuentes was born five months after his father, Spc. Daniel Armando Fuentes, was killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq in 2007.

Daniel?s mom, Emma McGarry, has made it her mission to keep the memory of his fallen father alive. McGarry and Fuentes' family share little memories to Daniel every day, such as how his father loved penne alla vodka, or that he dreamed of becoming an Army ranger.

McGarry also told Daniel that his father used to do pull-ups from a tree branch on their street that now has his name on it.

Fuentes is still too young to understand why his father went to war and why he can?t come home.

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