WOODBURY - ? A veteran from Lindenhurst is raising awareness about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after he lost a fellow soldier and friend.

Petty Officer Chris Delaney returned from the war in Iraq and battled through the Long Island half marathon on a mission. Delaney ran 13.1 miles in camouflage fatigues and wore 55 pounds of combat gear to raise awareness about the human toll of war.One of Delaney?s fellow soldiers was Gunnery Sgt. James Gallagher, of Lynbrook, who was a 20-year Marine veteran. Gallagher died in May 2006 after losing his personal battle against PTSD.

Delaney enlisted 50 runners to join his mission, calling themselves Team 9-1-1 Veterans. He hopes that every stride they make raises awareness about PTSD and money to help those they served.

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