WESTBURY - A man who identified himself as an air traffic controller for TRACON in Westbury is facing drug and weapons charges stemming from a routine traffic stop.

Police say they stopped Breen Peck, a 24-year veteran of the Federal Aviation Administration, at the corner of Willow and Byron streets in Wantagh Wednesday night.

Police say Peck then told them he was an air traffic controller working out of Westbury. He also told them he had a loaded handgun behind his seat and a loaded semiautomatic gun in the back of his car. Police say he had no permits for either firearm.

When the officers searched Peck, they say they found crystal meth in his pocket.

According to Acting Nassau Police Commissioner Thomas Krumpter, there were several reports of an air traffic controller named Breen Peck who directed a plane carrying first lady Michelle Obama and Jill Biden into 'the potentially dangerous turbulence of a C-17 military jet" in 2011.

The FAA has not commented whether it is the same person. It does say it's investigating the circumstances surrounding Peck's arrest. It also denies that he is an air traffic controller, saying he is assigned to the facility's training program.

Krumpter says the Nassau Police Department may have averted an air disaster by arresting Peck.