WOODBURY - The Nassau County Police Department uses intelligence-led policing to describe its crime-fighting strategy.

In part two of News 12’s “Eyes of the Law” series, Rich Barrabi takes a look at how Nassau police are using video and audio technology to gather information.

Police use cameras that catch shooters in the act, but the cameras are rolling throughout the day, even when all is quiet. 

Officials say they monitor cameras that flash if you pass through a red light, but those cameras constantly record video. If you drive past one, you're on the tape, even if you didn't run the light. 

There are also license plate readers, or LPRs, strategically placed throughout Nassau County, capturing where vehicles have been and where they are going. This is even if the drivers have done nothing wrong.

Detective Sgt. Pat Ryder is the commanding officer of Nassau's asset forfeiture and intelligence unit.  He says the county's surveillance tactics have led to record low crime numbers.