WOODBURY - President Barack Obama has vowed to break down his massive $447 billion jobs bill into smaller ones after the measure stalled in the U.S. Senate last night when Democrats failed to get the 60 votes needed to proceed. Experts say if the bill were to pass, it could have helped some of the 100,000 Long Islanders who are currently unemployed. The American Jobs Act would have given tax breaks to companies that hire veterans and people who are already out of work. It also would have pumped money into infrastructure projects to rebuild roads and schools. "The jobs deal that was defeated would have helped Long Island to some extent, but it wouldn't have solved the problem," says economist Dr. Pearl Kamer.According to Kamer, the bill doesn't go far enough.Senate Republicans blocked the bill, saying it was more stimulus-style spending that didn't work the first time around. In addition, it included a tax surcharge on the very wealthy.