WOODBURY - Federal drug experts say Mexican cartels are making a serious push to expand meth sales in the Northeast. They are even packing so-called samples of the drug inside cocaine and heroin shipments.

"They're sending it now without a customer base with the intent that the same dealers who deal heroin and who have distribution routes will hand it out as samples," says Special Agent James Hunt. "Some will try it and some will get addicted. It creates a market for it."

Police say methamphetamine use has decimated other communities across the country but is not seen as often on the streets of Long Island.

Nassau police say they have only seen a few cases involving meth so far this year.

"We try to find networks that can lead us to a supply trail. That's what we do with heroin and we'll do the same thing, if and when, we see an introduction of methamphetamine," says Nassau Police Chief Steven Skrynecki.

Drug experts say because meth is so easy to make, production in Mexico has skyrocketed. One bag can cost as little as $5.