EAST MEADOW - A spate of coyote sightings have been reported recently in northern New Jersey, New York City and Queens, and experts warn that their arrival on Long Island is likely not far off.

Biologists say the wily creatures are finding their way through the dangerous maze of urban New York. While it's still a challenge for coyotes to reach Long Island, experts estimate there may be a breeding population here within five or 10 years, and they could possibly even become as common as raccoons.

Russel Burke, a biology professor at Hofstra University, worked on a recently published report about coyote migration. Burke says the only officially confirmed sighting on Long Island was in a Bridgehampton field back in July of 2013.

NYPD officers collared a coyote in downtown Manhattan on Saturday, and another one was spotted Monday in a residential part of Middle Village, Queens.