EAST MEADOW - ? Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano (R-Nassau) has announced that the Nassau County Department of Parks, Recreation and Museums will delay the planned renovation of the Aquatic Center in Eisenhower Park until the spring of 2012.

The center was scheduled to close for renovation on July 5.

Mangano said, ?This is a decision taken only after consulting with our engineers to ensure there are no safety issues involved in delaying the work.?

The Aquatic Center was built in 1998 for the Goodwill Games and is considered one of the premier swimming facilities in the U.S. It is used by local competitive swimmers, as well as the general public.

Officials say the original design and construction of the facility was flawed, with the ventilation system creating concern. Nassau County officials have filed lawsuits against those involved in the original work. Planned work next year includes the removal and replacement of the roof, new heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems for the pool area, and a new lighting and filter system.