WOODBURY - County Executive Steve Levy (R-Suffolk) is pushing to end rules that allow Long Island Rail Road workers to collect two days of pay in a single shift.

Levy says the rules dating back to the 1920s are a burden on Suffolk employers who pay the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's (MTA) payroll tax, adding that the work contracts are bleeding taxpayers and riders dry.

According to Levy, one in four LIRR employees make more than $100,000 a year. If the system is not changed soon, he believes, it is going to collapse onto itself.

"We've got a total of $253 million from Suffolk County municipalities and businesses and residents that fund the MTA on a regular basis," Levy says. "That's an enormous amount of money."

The county executive is urging the MTA to declare a fiscal emergency and reopen contract negotiations with the LIRR unions.