OCEANSIDE - The former tennis star who was tackled by an NYPD officer last week is calling for the officer's firing.

Retired player James Blake was tackled by Officer James Frascatore, of Oceanside, outside of a Manhattan hotel. The NYPD has apologized and called it a case of mistaken identity.

Police officials say Frascatore mistook Blake for a suspect in a credit card fraud investigation. Frascatore has been placed on desk duty.

In an interview that aired this weekend, Blake said he feels the officer should lose his job because it's not "the right job for him."

"To take that kind of tone and that kind of attitude toward this situation, a non-violent criminal. If I had been the criminal, I still think this is excessive," said Blake.

Blake added that the officer has had five civilian complaints lodged against him by people who likely haven't received an apology. "I think there needs to be an active apology to those people that don't have the stature that I have," he said. "We need to find a way to keep this from happening."

Blake said he has a lawyer and is considering suing the city.

A man at Frascatore's home refused to answer the door to speak with News 12 on Sunday.

The head of the police union has said that Frascatore was just doing his job and that he shouldn't be disciplined before the investigation is complete.