BROOKHAVEN - A group of taxpayers in the South Country School District have won a lawsuit against former school board president Greg Miglino, whom they accused of abusing his powers for financial gain.Former teacher Roberta Fishman says Miglino was the school board president in May 2010 when he created a part-time job for himself in the district, knowing he would have to step down in less than two months.After stepping down, Miglino became the building services administrator, a $61,000-salaried job.Fishman says Miglino convinced the board to adopt a policy that favors job candidates within the district, leaving him as the only candidate for the position. She says the board made all these decisions without public notice or discussion. Two years later, a judge ruled in the taxpayers' favor, but Fishman says she wants Miglino to step down and pay back his salary. Miglino says it's a political ploy and that he's appealing the decision.