LONG BEACH - UPDATE: Charges were dropped against John Orlandini in 2014.  A grand jury decided there wasn’t enough evidence to go to trial.  Original story below.

Authorities say that a former Rescue Ink member has been arrested for stealing from the organization.

Long Beach police confirm former shelter director John Orlandini, 49, of Long Beach, has been charged with grand larceny in the third degree.

Orlandini allegedly stole and cashed numerous checks made out directly to Rescue Ink by supporters.

Rescue Ink says the checks were donated for the sole purpose of housing, feeding and general care of the animals. In addition, money was also used to help reconstruct a Long Beach shelter that was destroyed by Sandy.

The organization says its mission remains to protect abused and neglected animals. 

Rescue Ink stated, “We sincerely hope Orlandini seeks and gets the rehabilitation he needs to be a productive member of society.”

Officials say Orlandini was the City of Long Beach humane commissioner until Feb. 11 of 2013 when he was released from service for substandard performance.

Orlandini was arraigned in the Long Beach City Court.