CENTRAL ISLIP - A Baldwin doctor arraigned today on federal prescription drug charges was met by supporters proclaiming his innocence and naivety. Dr. William Conway was arraigned on a 24-count grand jury indictment alleging a cash-for-pills operation. Prosecutors have accused him of running a prescription pill mill out of his practice, but former patients say the felony charges have been wrongly placed. One woman, Gloria Oliver, says she was Conway's patient for 15 years and offered to put up her home to help him meet his required $1 million bond. That figure was set under the assumption that Conway relinquish his medical license and agree to close his office. However, prosecutors say two of Conway's patients overdosed on prescription pain medication and that the doctor is a risk to the community. Federal drug agents raided Conway's office in December. He was arrested last month, and investigators say he approved more than 5,500 oxycodone prescriptions for alleged drug abusers.Patients of LI doctors charged in drug case say it's no surprise2 LI doctors, nurse practitioner held without bail in drug case