NEW CITY, N.Y. - (AP) - Former pro football star Lawrence Taylor,who pleaded guilty in January to sexual misconduct and patronizingan underage prostitute, was declared a low-risk sex offender onTuesday.

Prosecutors argued for a level 2 designation. Instead, the judgechose the lower Level 1, which means a photo of the former New YorkGiants linebacker will not be posted on the online sex-offenderregistry.

Rockland County Court Judge William Kelly said Taylor's crimewas already well-known.

"The difference between Level 1 and 2 is almost minusculebecause of the notification that has already gone out to theworld," said Kelly, who added that Taylor "would be awfullyfoolish to go out and do this again."

The NFL Hall of Fame member did not attend the hearing.

The girl was 16 - under the age of consent - when she metTaylor. He said she claimed she was 19.

Last month, the teenager made a surprise appearance at Taylor'ssentencing, eager to declare that he should be behind bars, but shewas denied the chance to speak in court.

Speaking outside court, she denied she was a prostitute, and shesaid Taylor should have been able to tell she had been beaten andthat she was underage.

Taylor was sentenced to six years' probation, as agreed when hepleaded guilty in January.