HEMPSTEAD - Darrell Fuller was charged today with two counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of Nassau officer Arthur Lopez and Raymond Facey. Hundreds of Nassau officers crowded the street, hallway and courtroom in a somber show of solidarity against the 33-year-old ex-con. As Fuller stood before the judge, every single police officer in the courtroom stood up and stayed up throughout the proceeding. Fuller's lawyer entered a not guilty plea. Prosecutors say no stone was left unturned in this ongoing investigation. They say they have a strong case against Fuller, including the alleged murder weapon, eyewitness accounts, ballistics and phone records. Nassau District Attorney Kathleen Rice says Fuller will not be getting a plea deal. Fuller was not granted bail and will be back in court Monday.

Ex-con accused in officer's death arrives at police headquartersCop killing suspect hospitalized for apparent self-inflicted wound