FREEPORT - A man whose catering hall abruptly closed is now opening a restaurant in Freeport, infuriating brides and grooms who were left in the lurch.

Tammy Pagnillo's dreams turned to nightmares after she learned that her wedding venue, Waterview Club in Bayville, closed abruptly in mid-April. She says the catering hall would not refund her $16,000. More than a dozen other couples say they suffered the same fate.

The Waterview Club leased its property from the American Legion, who says owner Paul Burnup was evicted last month after failing to pay a $200,000 bill for back rent, taxes and utilities over three years.

Now, couples say they're shocked to learn Burnup is opening a brand new restaurant in Freeport.

Burnup and his attorney say money from the Waterview did not go into the new venture.

Meanwhile, the alleged victims say they just want their money back.