WOOBURY - An event that aims to find a cure for rare cancers will continue to be held as a testament to its founder, who died in July after a long battle with cancer.

Cycle for Survival was founded in 2007 by Jennifer Goodman Linn, who in a recorded video spoke about the event and her hopes for the future.

"It started in one city in one gym in New York and the expansion is truly amazing. Cycle for Survival is now in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Long Island, Bethesda and Long Island," said Goodman Linn. "This year we're going to have close to 2,000 teams participating and to be able to say I was there at the beginning, and came up with that idea when it was just a little glimmer in my mind, to see what it's doing now and see how many people it's benefiting, is just fantastic.

"I think my ultimate focus for Cycle of Survival is to close the event down, because there's no need to raise money for rare cancer research. I know it's pie in the sky, but that is my vision. One day we can say it's been a great run, but congratulations, we don't need that money anymore."

The Long Island Cycle for Survival is being held on Saturday, Feb. 4 at the Equinox Fitness Club in Roslyn.