LIDO BEACH - A Lido Beach family's nine-year battle over contaminated soil is almost at an end, but they say their settlement may not be enough.

Lynn Eskenazi's property on Eden Road was contaminated from oil leaking out of her neighbor's underground tank.

After 8 1/2 years, a judge approved a settlement agreement requiring the neighbor's insurance companies, Hanover and One Beacon, to pay an undisclosed amount.

Eskenazi says the settlement was enough to tear down the house, dig out the contaminated soil, store her possessions and rent a new home during the construction.

However, she says the settlement won't be enough to completely cover the cost of a new house or repay family members who have helped them with legal fees.

Crews were at the home Tuesday clearing out the contaminated soil. Once removed, clean soil will be brought in and the house will be rebuilt. The family is hoping to move back in by the end of March.